Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold Slots has a modest set up of 3 reels and 3 paylines. The background imagery depicts the heart of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Pyramids, two tall palm trees and a rather confused looking camel are among the entertaining visual details that decorate the main screen. Coin sizes vary from 5 cents to 5 dollars. The maximum possible bet in the game is 15 dollars. The game features the ordinary basic options - Cash Out, Bet One, Spin Reel and Play 3 Credits. Pharaoh's Gold is not really one of Realtime Gaming's best 3-reel slots. It has too few symbols with very few effects.

No Need to Place the Maximum Bet

Furthermore, unlike many other classic slots, it is not advisable to always bet the maximum amount with Pharaoh's Gold. The reason is that the maximum payout produced after a single or a double bet is 50 credits. The maximum bet can only provide players with 100 coins. The risk of betting more is not reasonable in this situation, since the prizes for the maximum bet are too small compared to those of the smallest possible wager.

4 Efficient Symbols

The game includes 3 paying symbols - the green serpent, the red scarab and the gilded, familiar pharaoh mask. These symbols offer 4 combinations in total. 2 Serpents grant 2 credits, while 3 serpents give 5 credits. The triple Scarab combination offers 25 credits. The highest paying symbol is the Golden Pharaoh Mask. Three of those symbols deliver 50 credits for line 1 and 2 and the game's top prize of 100 credit, which is awarded when all 3 lines are played. The wild of the game is the eye symbol. It is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form winning combinations.

This is a simple game with very few symbols and an extremely small amount of surprises. The rules are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp. Unfortunately, players who crave a bit more spice and excitement in their classic 3-reel RTG slots will probably be disappointed not just because of the lackluster gameplay but also because of the small prizes that can be won when the biggest possible wager is used. That being said, fans of online gambling can still enjoy the beautiful Egyptian landscapes and make their way to solid earnings if they spin the reels with attention and care.