Cleopatra Plus Slots

If you played the original Cleopatra slot game, you may recall the eye-catching image of her eyes as she appeared on the reels. Can we expect more of the same – or better – in Cleopatra Plus? That is what we’re here to find out, and with plenty of features and notable elements to look for, we’ve got plenty to cover. We’d better get underway, so please join us as we find out what’s in store in the Cleopatra Plus slot game.

First thing’s first – who created this game?

It comes from the same developer who produced the original – IGT.

Can you try some practice spins first?

Yes, you should find that most casinos allow members to access the demo for this game before trying the real version.

No prizes available for working out the theme

Since Cleopatra makes it into the title here once again, we can guess the same ancient Egyptian destination is in store for us here as it was in the original.

Taking advantage of a superb design

While the background doesn’t count for much, the reels more than make up for that. These are surrounded by detailed red, blue, and gold lines and décor. You’ve got stone-like blocks where the control panel sits, and everything appearing on the reels is packed with detail. Even the letters and numbers for the smaller prizes are far better than we’ve seen elsewhere.

The main attraction: How to play Cleopatra Plus

We’ll begin by saying there are five reels. These have the usual three symbols appearing on each. You won’t see a progressive here, but the famous Cleopatra eyes logo featuring the name of this game is used as a wild. She comes with a 2x multiplier and can appears stacked too – with up to 10 possible at a time. The scatter stands for followers of one of the deities displayed in the game. You can check your current deity by looking at the top of the screen. You can swap to another character if you wish. Whichever one you go with appears more often during gameplay. There are some involved rules for this game, so keep reading to find out more about how that bit works.

They’ve displayed the payline count at the bottom of the screen

A quick glance reveals there are 40 lines, and since there are no up or down controls next to them, this tells us we must play them all.

Bets cover a wide range

You can play from a single cent per line for a 40-cent minimum to several hundred dollars here. This means most players ought to find a suitable wager for their budget.

Make sure you read the paytable before you play

We always suggest doing this as you can gain plenty of knowledge before you play. However, it has never been more important as it is here. You can look for more details about the Level Up and Free Game features among other things.

Followers help you get some free spins

Find three scattered followers and you’ll net five free games. That is just the beginning, though, as we have just seen. Even on the first trigger, though, you’ll be able to view a map, and you can move your followers onto it. This can potentially earn further free games, multipliers, or sometimes instant prizes, depending on the spots you choose. The most you can net is 100 free games.

Plenty of bonus features to unlock

The one thing you need to consider when thinking about playing this slot game is that the longer you play it for, the more features you are likely to unlock. There is a lot involved here, and a quick five-minute spin session won’t unlock much, if anything. Bear that in mind when assessing your budget, affordability level, and bet amount. You begin with the Alexandria bonus map when you first trigger the free games. As you collect more followers along the way in the base game, you’ll move closer to unlocking new levels. For instance, anything from zero to 49 followers will open the Alexandria map. Once you have between 50 and 119 followers when next triggering the free spins, you’ll see the Nile River Valley map instead. Further along the way, there is a Pyramid of Giza map too. However, before you reach each subsequent map stage, there are different features you can get during play. These include more scatters, multipliers, and stacked icons.

How does the RTP stack up?

It looks like the highest it can go is 96.50%, although some sites list the RTP at 95% or lower. We suspect the potential begins to appear the longer you play the game.

Our rating for Cleopatra Plus

This is a superb slot and certainly one of the best on offer from IGT. We’d love to see similar slots from them on different themes but based on the same structure. This is a clear 10 out of 10 game for us.

Read the paytable to find the best prizes

It looks as though the most you could net for a single prize is 1,500 coins.

Play in practice mode to start with

There is a lot to unpack when you start looking more closely at this slot game. However, it is worth doing just that. We hope our review has helped but do check out the demo to find out more about it.

Play Cleopatra Plus for real

Find it at a casino offering IGT games and remember that each spin costs a minimum of 40 cents.

Ideal for mobile platforms too

You can play Cleopatra Plus on a range of platforms including Android and iOS.