Cleos VIP Room Casino

Cleos VIP Room Casino
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If not, you should. This is a slick and fresh-looking casino that instantly catches the eye. Speaking of eyes, you might notice the Egyptian eye in the O of Cleo in the logo. That’s something of a mouthful, but it does indicate the Egyptian theme this casino brings to the table.

Question is, is it slick on the surface with little substance underneath? Or have we found an impressive worth joining? Let’s find out more.

Choose how you would like to play

The great thing about Cleo’s VIP Room Casino is you get the option to download the app to your PC for easy access. If you’d rather play Flash games, just select the instant play option instead.

In both cases, you get the chance to score a huge bonus when you join. This is worth 400% of the amount you deposit. Just be sure you use the promo code WELCOME400 when you do so. That’s easy enough to remember, right?

No secrets here – new games are promoted on the home page

How does Super 9s sound to you? Maybe you’d like to look for some Hot Frozen Fruits? Yes, you did read that right! Gladiators, Spartans: The Final Stand, and My Geisha’s Secret also appear among the newest games to be introduced to the Cleo’s VIP Room Casino.

No purchase is necessary to snag any winnings

How can that be? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, this is how the casino works. You can buy VS points to play the games, but you can also win free game chips. Watch out for the various promotions on the site to see how many game chips you could win or earn. These points can eventually be exchanged for products as indicated on the site.

There are daily, weekly, and monthly raffles that could net you real cash if you get lucky. The site is keen to point out you don’t need to buy anything to have a shot of winning. So, you get the full Vegas experience with lots of great slots to play, and no need to decide whether to play for fun or for real prizes.

Cleo’s VIP Room Casino is very different to anything else we have seen. We guess you will be impressed with what you see here as well. Could it be just what you’ve been searching for?

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